PROANTO is an enablement application which focuses on high field force productivity, which also helps in streamlining the numerous workflows of the field representatives. Some of its special topographies are 24*7 reporting system, geo-tracking and geo-fencing along with geo-location and helping in virtual attendance. PROANTO is the next generation go to market automation, business intelligence and productivity application. Its applicability spreads across all sectors and their functions. This application works on location based services (GPS) via a phone and web applications.

Key Characteristics:

Some of the key characteristics are –

  • Checking the on-field reporting
  • Live monitoring of the workforce
  • Geo tagging of the images and alerts for geo fencing
  • Monitoring the movement of vehicles
  • Reduced maintenance cost


The two main focuses of PROANTO are – on the Portal side and on the Application side.

  1. Portal Side –Based on a website, this application is compatible on all major browsers and devices. This is available to all managers and administrators, who can control all operations for the application centrally.Some significant features of the portal side are
    • In-depth custom reports for analysis
    • Custom workflows and alert configurations
    • Advanced analytics / historical data
    • Predictive analysis for forecasting
    • Easy integration with Client ERP
    • Time stamped & Geo-tagged data for Proof of visits
    • Geo fencing and related triggers
    • Customised place marks for clients, trend maps
  2. Application Side –This light weighted application is installed in GPS enabled android phones of both the employees and the field recruiter.
    • Integrated with premium mapping services.
    • SOS alert feature for emergency
    • Offline mode with Data & Image Storage
    • Offline mode with Data & Image Storage
    • Login Module available to allow sharing of mobile
    • Notification alert for the new store and product added

About Yoma:

YOMA Business Solutions is an offshoot of YOMA Corp. YOMA Corp. has been operating in the Indian Market for the last 17 years. Our group originally started as a training company in 1997 and today we are one of the largest HR services company in South Asia. Some of the global brands in our portfolio include:


CII Industrial Innovation Awards 2015

From 600 stratups PROANTO got shortlisted in top 10 startups.

People Matters TECH HR 2015

Among the 95 startups PROANTO bagged one of the positions in finalist category.

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