5 Tips To Make Sure Your Field Force is More Productive!

Making field force productive is one of the core concerns of business organizations. It is one of the most crucial aspects of sales and marketing-driven companies where they have to rely a lot on their representatives who go out on the field.

While this is absolutely necessary for increasing brand presence and improving the company’s image, it also comes with its own problems to deal with. However, there are certain ways through which one can tackle these issues on hand. The following tips might come handy:

  • A proper attendance system: When representatives go out to execute company’s work, it becomes a cumbersome task to maintain the attendance through regular channels like biometric or manual attendance. However, a remote attendance control system can help solve this issue. Proanto’s Geo fencing can helps with this.
  • Regulation of reimbursements: Proanto helps you automate the reimbursements for field force which helps you keep track of the necessary documentation and mitigates the chances of errors/ duplication.
  • Keep proof of visits: Proanto provides you with time stamped and geo-tagged data which will help you keep proof of visits. This enhances productivity and allows the company to keep a check on the resources.
  • SOS alert feature for the emergency: In case your representative gets stuck or needs help in any kind of a situation, Proanto helps you activate the SOS feature and keep your reps in a loop.
  • In depth custom reports:  Analyzing your field force is one of the most important aspects things that which helps to maintain the productivity and accuracy of the output delivered. These custom reports maintained by the Proanto system help you take a good look at how your team is performing and what are the key data points which need improvement or urgent attention.

These certain points will definitely help you with increasing the productivity of your field force team and make things easier for your organizations to take care of the logistics, reports, details et cetera. Choose Proanto for a better field force streamlining, today.

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