An Effective Way for Contractors to Increase the Productivity of Their Mobile Workforce

One of the biggest challenges in managing a mobile/field workforce is to maintain real time transparency between the superiors and subordinates. Without knowing the actual time or GPS, it is impossible to justify the presence of your employee for their dedicated work shift.

Workers will either need to call the office to record their time or fill in a timesheet form, which translates into a lot of paperwork and wastage of time (about 5 hours every day). Plus, you don’t have any other choice rather than taking your employee’s word for how they spent the entire day.

Next Generation Go To Market Automation Tool

With Proanto you can optimize the results of your field team in real-time in a much more coherent manner. And know where they are and where they are supposed to be next. This application also works in an offline mode, ensuring that data reliability and stability as and when they are into the remote locations. This will help you save a large amount of money on a daily basis as well as develop a culture of accountability at work.

Major Benefits of Using PROANTO:

1-No more Timesheet Fraud – Many employees may add overtime to their sheet just to make some extra money. With real-time solutions you can optimize the outcomes and also can verify each job duration, thus reducing labour costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

2-Generate Real-time Reports – Proanto gives an amazing feature to generate real time reports which is authenticated by the time and location stamped being marked at the backend.

3-Higher Accountability – Once your employees know that there footsteps are being followed, they will ensure that they take shorter breaks, avoid early departures or late starts and will become more accountable for their actions at work. Once the system is being revamped from manual to an automated one everything falls in place whether it’s about attendance, payslips being more reliable.

4-Reduced Side Jobs – You will get notification whenever an employee goes off-route or takes unauthorized stops. This way, you can avoid paying for all the unauthorized and unapproved uses of the company’s vehicles or hours.

5-Easy re-imbursements – This system beautifully evaluates the travel reimbursement in a well-planned manner with no hassles for both the company and the employee.

6-Attendance – It can be done in 3 ways – either manually or automatically – click a photo, check-in & check-out and finally geo-fencing, and it brings down the chances of error to zero.

7-Better Customer Service – As you will always be aware of your field person’s exact location, you can notify customers about their whereabouts and provide them timely updates. This will reduce delays on your side and long waiting hours for customers, which will result in higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Using a well proven application-Proanto, can drastically impact the operations of a company like yours and enable higher growth.

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