An Introduction to Proanto: The next big step in field force automation.


The era of field force automation is here, and Proanto is aiming at becoming the next gen leader in the same.
Created by some of the most brilliant minds in the industry, Proanto is a highly competent market automation, business intelligence, and productivity application which enables streamlining the workflows of field representatives. And it doesn’t stop at that.
Available both on mobile app and web portal platforms, Proanto enables its users and providers to stay connected and updated through a dense network of GPS enabled features which makes it stand out from  rest of the lot.

These are the solutions under Proanto which can be categorized as follows:

Sales: This module depicts the dynamic store list which operates on location based services and offers the auto sync of meetings and tasks with premium enterprise systems.

Marketing: This module helps in the marketing and merchandizing of activities and helps the user to run any kind of field and custom surveys.

HR: This module helps in generating the attendance and payroll for each user with the help of latest technology.

Services: This module displays the targeted stores with their address along with the date and time of the meeting.

Salient Features of Proanto:

1. Live Monitoring: Supervising and routing the movement of users by using the web based application.
2. Image Memo : The Geo-Tag feature captures the image when the user visits the location and then uploads it on the central server report.

3. Facial Recognition System: This system identifies and verifies people from a digital image, and is used for marking the attendance.

4. Geo Tag / Geo Fence: This system has a separate alert or notification for entering/exiting the proximity.

5. Best Route Algorithm: This feature provides the shortest route to reach the destination in the most efficient manner.
6. Travel Expense Management: This feature helps in generating automated field travel reimbursement which is based on real-time mileage policy.

7. Chat Based Location System : This feature helps the user to interact easily on a location based service with fellow colleagues / supervisors for different issues such as inventory check-up, and many more.

8. SOS : Through GPS co-ordination, location is sent by a text,giving an alert/ notification to multiple phone numbers and email addresses.

How does Proanto work?

Proanto operates on two major platforms: Web portal and Mobile App.
Web Portal can be accessed by managers and administrators which can be used for:

• In-depth custom reports for analysis
• Custom workflows and alert configurations
• Advanced analytics / historical data
• Predictive analysis for forecasting
• Easy integration with Client ERP
• Time stamped & Geo-tagged data for Proof of visits
• Geo-fencing and related triggers
• Customized place marks for clients and trend maps.

The mobile application functions seamlessly on GPS enabled Android devices and can be used by both employee and the field recruiter. The salient features of the mobile application would be as follows:

• Integrated with premium mapping services.
• SOS alert feature for emergency
• Online and Offline mode with Data & Image Storage
• Login Module available to allow sharing of devices.
• Notification alert for new stores and products added.

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