Automating the Attendance Process

Industry: – Non-Profit

Proanto Solutions: – Attendance

Outcome: – 90% reduction in time to process time sheets/submit payroll

The challenge:

Smile for Kids was rooted in a time-consuming, paper-based time sheet reporting process at the time of Arun’s arrival in 2015. Employees placed time sheet slips in cubbyhole mailboxes. On Monday of the payday week, Arun retrieved them, built a spread sheet, and then manually added up the hours and wages for processing the payroll. In addition, Arun spent hours tracking down time sheets from employees far off in remote ares, as well as responding to time-off and balance requests.

Considering that the rest of the company’s business was conducted online, it was time for a change. “This resistance to automate timekeeping, it just didn’t made sense,” said Arun. “It was a head scratcher because we are a high-tech organization.  We didn’t hold back when it came to advancing our communications platforms.”

The priority was finding a platform that saved time and energy to focus on their 15,000 weekly listeners, children’s 24-hour radio station, the Smile for Kids website and their new app.

The Solution:

Arun wanted an easy-to-use platform that both employees and managers would embrace quickly, which is why he chose Proanto Attendance. Now, instead of filling out slips of paper weekly, employees now enter time directly in the system from the field itself. Since the transition, reliability and accuracy of information submitted have improved by 80%, and employee confidence in the organization has also increased.

Employees now enjoy having access to time-off balances while Arun appreciates having more time in his day. “My engagement decreased dramatically,” says Arun. “Instead of spending an entire morning gathering time sheets, tracking down strays and filling out spread sheets, I now process payroll in about five minutes. Thanks to Proanto”attendance

Blog By: Hemangini Mahajan

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