Benefits of Facial Recognition Systems for Attendance

PROANTO continues towards leading the world of time attendance software by their most recent inventive addition towards their scheme; which is “Attendance through facial scanning.”

faceattendance This system offers its clients with simple, efficiently manageable software that provides a platform to maintain attendance records. An employee’s identity is instantly proved just by looking at the time clock. Thus, let’s take a quick look at few of the benefits of this efficient facial recognition system offered by PROANTO.

  • Removes the risk of Manual Errors

Everybody loves saving money, correct? Moreover, facial recognition software gives employers a means of tracing their employees’ attendance, by further removing human mistakes. This means to keep track of the precise quantity of hours an employee is working plus the relating payroll calculation. The employer no longer has to think of “calculation over time.” Facial recognition assurances good value with a significant return, saving (plus earning) you more cash.

  • Automated plus Accurate

Face recognition precisely reports all the features of attendance, absenteeism, and also over time. The identification procedure is spot-on every single time at a speed that is now practically possible. This scheme can match thousands of operators in less than a second, plus the software offers info that is 100% precise without you lifting a finger.

  • Saves Time

There is no requisite for employees to touch the surface of the scheme to clock in plus out. Facial recognition permits employees to waltz in and out inside seconds, instantly removing the inconvenience of swiping cards otherwise signaling badges around. This saves time and effort, resulting in a satisfactory working environment.

  • Upsurges Security

First off, this technology overall avoids the subjects of early and late striking, in addition to “friend punching.” Facial recognition nips these difficulties in the bud; if your face is not scanned, you are not clocked in a job. It is as easy as that. Also, if there are any events, facial recognition has a scanned image of each person that walks in your work site, providing proof for any required investigation.

  • Decreases the Loss of Output

The usage of face recognition clock is a fantastic alternative to minimize the scattering of viruses plus illness. Consequently, keeping staffs healthy. While employees are fit, they go to work, and are in enhanced moods, and increase their output. Facial recognition can moreover hold data that allows the company to study and keep an eye on their staff’s statistics and any added reports which are required.

  • Fool-proof Biometric Technology

Full proof-facial biometric technology nowadays has a high achievement rate, particularly with the growth of three-dimensional facial study and credentials algorithm. It is challenging to fool the scheme. Thus, you can be relieved knowing that your biometrics PC security system would be useful for tracking time plus attendance while giving high heights of security.

  • Easily Installable

Facial recognition systems are very easy to install. You can easily integrate one of the leading benefits of Integrated Biometric facial schemes. These are easy towards programming into your firm’s PC system. Most of the systems would work with the software that you have by now installed.

Bottom Line

PROANTO’s Facial Recognition Scheme is a complete time and attendance management system. This scheme’s Face Reader offers a radical hands-free process, not to mention an exceptional hygienic alternate for other attendance systems which are not only inaccurate sometimes but are also time-consuming. 

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