Bridging the Supply Chain Innovation Gap

Retail and Supply chain management companies are going through a haul of technical advancement and facing challenges in bringing innovation and increasing customer engagement for their business. Innovation and customer engagement are indeed the backbone of any business and require investment in operations, technology, manpower management and distribution. Companies need to strengthen their processes and combine technology with innovation, that’s moving the complete Supply Chain sector.

The three major issues faced by the supply chain management are-

#1 Globalization

Since a decade, globalization has been critical to supply chain management sector. It is creating challenges like outsourcing production to countries with lower labor and production costs and meeting the timelines with workforce tracking. There are numerous challenges that affect not just the supply chain management sector, but top manufacturing giants across the globe. Companies dealing with parties across border don’t just have to meet the timelines but maintain real-time visibility of their supply chain management cycle.


Supply chain management is becoming tougher with an inherent risk of losing control, visibility, and proper management over inventory. The problem can become foursome if employee tracking processes are not automated and well-integrated with enterprise applications. Managing diverse structures of data across locations is tough and requires a robust business management tool to increase effectiveness and efficiency.

This calls for a strategic combination of technology and innovation that increases work-flow, brings cadence and improvement in work. Proanto, a powerful work-flow and inventory management tool for Supply chain companies, offers a conglomerate of powerful applications and features that provide easy employee tracking, geofencing and geo-tracking features for better employee and work-flow management across the supply chain and FMCG sectors.

#2 Rapidly Changing Markets

According to EDUCBA consumer behaviors are affected by four critical factors; cultural, social, personal and psychological. These factors are quickly changed by technology and globalization while an additional pressure is created by social media for quicker response to change and consumer expectations. Fast-changing consumer expectations and markets are increasing pressure of keeping-up with the changing trends and innovating to reduce manufacturing and supply costs.

#3 Quality and Compliance

Social media and online shopping today have become the center of supply chain management industry. According to eMarketer customer reviews on social media platforms and their feedbacks are top influencers on the chopping behavior of the consumers. Social media and digitization together have not just amplified the damages caused by product recalls, but risen consumer expectations in terms of quality and compliance. This is where supply chain companies need to address the quality at every level of supply chain management right from the raw material procurement, manufacturing, packaging, logistics to product handling.

Overcoming Supply Chain Challenges with Proanto

The rising and expanding global operations, market expansions, and stricter quality and regulatory standards, and varying geographic locations are increasing pressures from all the directions. Proanto, is a cutting-edge software that brings ease and convenience at all levels of supply change management. It comes with integrated applications and features for employee tracking and visual merchandizing for retailers and their staff. It provides easy tracking and monitoring of employees from multiple locations and greater authenticity and data security. It’s one-stop-solution for all supply chain management and visual merchandizing operations.

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