Bridging the Supply Chain Innovation Gap

Retail and Supply chain management companies are going through a haul of technical advancement and facing challenges in bringing innovation and increasing customer engagement for their business. Innovation and customer engagement are indeed the backbone of any business and require investment in operations, technology, manpower management and distribution. Companies need to strengthen their processes and […]

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Expand, Upgrade and Personalize your operations with Geo- fencing apps
Inventory Management

Mobility and mobile devices are taking the global corporate sector by storm. From manufacturing to warehousing, and various industries in the FMCG sector are adopting mobile-based technologies to increase efficiency of their business and keep-up the expectations of their customers. Geo-fencing applications are one of the most effective tools that facilitate easy mobility, and remote-tracking […]

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Stay One Step Ahead in the Competition Using the Employee Tracking App

The Human Resource Department, widely known as the HR department is that sector of an organization responsible for finding, filtering out, recruiting and on-field/off-field training of the job applicants. Not only this, the HR department is responsible for the management of employee-benefit programs. It is a crucial part of any business sector regardless of what […]

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Harness the Ability of Geofencing to Take Your Advertising to the Next Level

Advertising is now almost completely done online. Geo-fence advertising or often called Geofencing, is a service which makes it possible for businesses to access the precise location of a cell user, giving a business owner the chance to send a message to smartphone users with the hopes to improve local store traffic. Optimizing your mobile marketing and […]

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Why Does your Marketing Team Needs Proanto?

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of any organization which helps it build a certain image in the mind of the potential service users/ customers and if done right, can change the course of the company. However, there are certain aspects which need to be taken good care of if one expects the […]

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5 Tips To Make Sure Your Field Force is More Productive!

Making field force productive is one of the core concerns of business organizations. It is one of the most crucial aspects of sales and marketing-driven companies where they have to rely a lot on their representatives who go out on the field. While this is absolutely necessary for increasing brand presence and improving the company’s […]

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