Digitization of Work Force Inputs-Outputs: Why Is It Catching up Now?

We are living in a world that is increasingly getting interconnected via various channels which are ever growing and expanding. Initially, the electronic revolution brought people closer, and now this is the era of the digital upgrade. In this hustle and bustle, people do have their reservations about the problem of “over-sharing” or “surveillance”, but digitization is something that is more encompassing and over-arching than just a threat to people’s privacy and connectivity. The idea of a global village could not have been truer than it is now.

We belong to the generation that is vehemently thriving on data-sharing and connectivity. Every upload and download means something to a particular person, a group, or in a bigger picture, an organization. The idea of providing more and more digital arenas for people to set new standards of mapping their performance and delivering the output on a standardized scale is something that is catching up with people’s preferences real fast.

How does Proanto figure in? 

Proanto in itself is a state of the art portal where people can take initiatives to review their performance, stick to deadlines, get their expenses approved and streamline their tasks. The HR, Sales, and Marketing teams are equally capable of putting all these standards into practice. Proanto gives an opportunity to the organization as well as the employee to bring transparency into the input-output system and its review.

What does the future look like?

When it comes to digitization on such a massive scale, it gets criticized for too much dependence on devices and less on people. However, this is not the case as some people like to portray it. The idea of automating these procedures does not eliminate the human potential that is associated with it. Proanto focuses on automation as well as the input review from the officials which decide the standards and allow the process to take a certain course.

The future is not bleak, it is certainly different, but not bleak. That’s the hope with which this revolution is finding acceptance in bigger and bigger circles every day. Join our Proanto family and you’ll get to know.

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