Expand, Upgrade and Personalize your operations with Geo- fencing apps

Mobility and mobile devices are taking the global corporate sector by storm. From manufacturing to warehousing, and various industries in the FMCG sector are adopting mobile-based technologies to increase efficiency of their business and keep-up the expectations of their customers. Geo-fencing applications are one of the most effective tools that facilitate easy mobility, and remote-tracking of employees, vendors and customers for improved inventory management.

What is Geo – fencing?

Geofence is a virtual ‘fence’ or boundary that is created within a specific periphery or the map to monitor movements of employees, devices or vehicles while they enter or exit a store. It uses GPS (Global positioning system) or RFID (Radio frequency identification) to map exact location of the device (mobile) integrated with this feature. The area is specified with the use of latitude-longitude coordinates and radius and can be customized at any given time. It helps to define a barrier and set-up a trigger notification through email or text whenever there is a movement. It is one of the powerful tools for inventory management for small businesses with minimal staff management systems.


What is the purpose of setting virtual boundaries?

Geofencing solves an array of purposes including simple device tracking with geofencing, automated notifications on movements of devices or tracking and locking of stolen devices with confidential data and aid in data protection too. For instance, any mobile or computer software integrated with geofencing feature notify the store manager whenever a device is stolen or taken out of the premises without authority or required permissions. These features can be created, modified or deleted as per the preference of the user.

Another major benefit of using geo-fencing is automated attendance calculation and real-time tracking of employees that helps in reducing time and efficiency gaps in their performance. These are majorly used for field workforce who are always on the fields and cannot be tracked single handedly. Geofencing allows field workers to update their reports complete with time-validations and can also be used as metrices for employee performance evaluation by the managers and L&D heads.

What are the Business benefits of using this app?

Knowing the whereabouts of field salesforce, fleet and inventory is imperative for any business in the FMCG sector. Geofencing provides the following benefits to businesses in this domain-

  1. Prevent personal use of company assets- Warehousing and transportation of goods includes a lot of risk and glitches without a system in place. Geofencing allows for proper monitoring of vehicles. The app notifies the manager in-charge whenever there are long stoppages on the way, so he can monitor the movement and time invested. In case the driver shuts down the application, then also the manager gets an alert for immediate tracking.
  2. Report updates- geofencing applications allow managers to update their reports with complete validations. GPS tracking with its powerful geofencing feature has been widely helping in inventory management for small businesses in their day-to-day operations and providing hassle-free business.

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