Geo Fencing Can Do Wonders For Your Marketing, Know How!

If you use a smartphone, which now most of us do, you’d know that geo-tagging/fencing is a feature that focuses on your current location and sends you text messages accordingly. Most of us must have received such messages while probably entering a shopping mall, or some other area where customers can be targeted for action or any sort of activity related to marketing.

Geo-Fencing is a service that is already spreading its feet in the smartphone using population and holds impressive amount of promise for the future from a market penetration point of view. There are numerous ways in which geo-fencing can prove useful for your business, and a few of them can be listed as follows:

  1. Intensive Localization: You can target your customers and increase local traffic towards your store. It helps a lot when you are looking to expand locally first and then move up the expansion ladder into other areas.
  1. Enhanced Targeting and Tagging: If you want to make sure that your field agents report their attendance correctly and keep it to the mark, then geo tagging can prove to be a big asset for you. It helps a lot in managing the on-field meetings and keeping a track record of field agents.
  1. Improved data for in-depth analysis: The data provided by geo-fencing is mostly accurate and it can be used for a better in-depth analysis for local shopping attitude or behaviour which is a crucial element in funnel optimization.
  1. Location Optimization: This helps in creating or curating a pattern which suits best to the needs of a specific location and leverage it accordingly.

These factors are just  few of the ones that can be used for a service so useful, but there are many other aspects which are being explored and with every new addition, this service is going to prove even more useful in many other ways.




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