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Proanto is a field force automation system that is revolutionizing the market of how we perceive and manage the issues of sales, marketing, and HR. Gone are the days of managing the task team as well as the payroll where one HR team would sweat it out to handle everything smoothly. Emotion Now is the age of efficient working, not simply hard working.

proanto-image (1)How does Proanto help you, we’ll explain step by step to you!

How does this work?

When an organization hires a set of people/employees to carry out the fieldwork, they are confronted with a constant dilemma of how to decide the input-output efficiency. How to judge whether the employees are giving their hundred percent or not. Or simply even if they are what are the factors that are hindering the growth drastically.  Proanto helps you in creating a levelheaded platform where employees get to know exactly how they are going to be evaluated on their performance, what are the key deliverable, how far they have reached in achieving their goals and crucial details about their performance.

Why Proanto?

Now, choosing Proanto is not only about choosing a platform app which helps in streamlining your workforce but also how to extract the best out of them and make them progress in their career path. It is about creating a win-win situation for both the organization and its employees. The whole idea is not to give the feel of monitoring but to make the employees feel that they have been assigned the responsibility of upholding the transparency which is the aim of Proanto.

Visible results immediately

Using Proanto is beneficial and productive, is not something that is just a tall claim. It has been proven by clients that when their employees started using Proanto, the productivity increased manifold and the efficiency of the overall workforce skyrocketed. It is because Proanto not only helps the field workforce but also the HR and marketing team to align their work on the same level without taking extra efforts.

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