An Employee Tracking App makes your life easier!

PROANTO is a human resources automation tool for HR executives, management & employees. The integrated cloud HR software suite can streamline workforce information within few seconds, offering a dynamic single sign-in option for employees to update their KYC details. They can mark their attendance using their facial image as an identification.

What can an HR Process Automation do?

Comprehensive HR management software combines all hierarchies in an organization to manage their reporting and employee tracking using the automation App. Expense report tracking & reimbursements have become easier with the introduction of this new age automation tool.


Here are some problems which your organization might face without an HR Management software

  • No visual proof to verify attendance – The biggest problem of verifying the attendance of the sales person is that there no visual proof of him/her being present at that place.
  • Bringing transparency in the expense reimbursement process – The expense reimbursement of the sales person is the most painful area, as the sales person expects to get all his/her travel reimbursements.
  • Challenges in manual documentation collection – To upload and finish the KYC form filling have always been a difficult and challenging task.
  • Measuring the enterprise level data on engagement.
  • Generating the pay slips – The generation of the pay slips is of much concern for both the sales person and the HR team.


For the end user, it is a great Human Resource Management System

  • Automated travel reimbursement – The sales person automatically gets his/her travel reimbursement as soon as the HR dispatches it.
  • Pay slips – Each user/sales person can access his/her payrolls for each month whenever the need arises.
  • Moodometer: (upcoming) Now you can measure the mood of your employee and it correlates the signs and moods of the user/sales person. It helps in determining the moods of an individual.
  • Employee Time Tracking – Each employee needs to mark their attendance via this application. This saves time to fill in details for HR.

For the Management, the HR process automation consists of–

  • My KYC – Users/sales person can upload and finish their KYC documents for hygiene and compliance purposes. And can also run custom assessments and learning modules.
  • Attendance – Attendance tracking doesn’t have to be an administrative nightmare anymore. Attendance can be marked in three best ways:
    • Manually – i.e. by simply checking in and checking out.
    • Geo-fence – gives auto attendance
    • Facial detection – once the user/sales person’s face is detected the attendance will be marked automatically.
  • HR process automation makes possible to measure the level of mental fitness and happiness index of an organization’s employees. Undoubtedly, it’s the best HR software for a small business.

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