Most Frequent Issues in Sales And How Proanto Can Solve them For You!

An interviewee was sitting in the chair nervously when one of the interviewer leaned in and asked, “Do you think you’re cut out for this?”

“Yes Sir.” There was a confidence in his voice that rang with truth.

“Okay then. Let’s see how you fare practically.”
“ Sure Sir. “
“This is my laptop, sell it to me.”
“Sure, Sir.”
“But not a penny less than 1 lac.”
“Erm, how would that be possible?”
“You’re applying for the position of the Salesperson, you’d know better.”
“Alright. I think I know what to do. “
He picked up the Apple Macbook Air and walked out of the interview room.

The interviewers sat there, startled.

After half an hour, they decided to ring up the guy.
“Hey, where did you go off to? I need my laptop back. Everything that I need for my work is in there.”
“Sure Sir, I can sell it to you in 1 lac 25 thousand rupees. Would that be okay?”

This is an anecdote which is shared widely not only in the corporate circles but also otherwise and has become an example of sorts. While this example does stand to establish of creation of demand to assign supply to the customers, it stands null in the face of the practical problems people face when they choose the sales domain.

Let’s face it, sales is one of the toughest domains in corporate world. Some people believe it is so because it has more to do with people rather than cold-hard technical input-output system.  Here are the most frequently faced issues in the sales domain:

  • Team Efficiency: When the field force is spread across a vast arena, it becomes difficult to arrange synchronization for a big team. It pulls down the productivity and efficiency.
  • Visibility: It is difficult for the managers to track down the amount of efforts being undertaken by the field sales personnel.
  • Transparency in reimbursement processes: It becomes difficult to maintain transparency in the reimbursement processes.
  • Maintaining link between sales and inventory management: While field force is busily taking or fulfilling orders, it becomes a cumbersome task to update the inventory according to the sales.

How does Proanto help you?

Proanto helps in the following ways to solve the problems mentioned above:

  • Store List is Accessible –The dynamic store list is accessible to the sales-persons on the location based services.
  • Travel Expense Management –Automated field travel reimbursement, which is based on real-time mileage policy.
  • Past Order Log History –It displays the history of the orders taken and orders completed to the sales person using the application.
  • Chat Based Location System– When a user turns on this feature, all the nearby contacts of other sales-persons and/or their seniors appear and they can chat to them.
  • Creation of Leader Boards –A task sheet is available where the sales-persons can fill up their details regarding meetings completed, meetings delayed, or not attended.
  • Auto Sync of Meeting & Tasks with Premium Enterprise Systems –This feature helps both the senior management and the sales-persons to schedule meetings and later review about the meeting conducted.

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