Optimize Your Business Processes Through Human Resource Management System

To keep your business ahead in the international market, you must optimize your business processes to minimize inefficiencies, shortcomings; preserve resources and boost the total productivity. It’s also vital to make the related workflow automation processes effective to boost its effect on your revenue generation as it helps in churning out unproductive hours from the business. Now, what we see with a growing number of clients is that recruitment method is extremely important but a monotonous and tiresome job. A feedback procedure also needs to be introduced to offer the freedom for all to express their desires when necessary for the betterment of a company. All this can be done with the help of a human resource management system. human resource management systemLet’s look at how we – PROANTO Team has been able to cater to our clients in different sectors.

We identified certain problems that our clients were facing, such as:

  • No visual proof to verify attendance – The biggest problem of verifying the attendance of the salesperson is that there no visual proof of him/her being present at that place.
  • Bringing transparency in the expense reimbursement process – The expense reimbursement of the sales professional is really challenging.
  • Challenges in manual documentation collection – The form filling and successful submission of KYC details have been challenging.
  • Generating the pay slips – Isn’t it a tedious task for HR and sales professionals? Of course, yes.

The solutions that we have offered in human resource management system:

  • Visual proof to verify attendance through PROANTO App.
  1. Automated travel reimbursement – The sales person automatically gets their travel reimbursement as soon as the HR dispatches it.
  2. Pay slips – Each salesperson or user can access their payrolls for each month whenever the need arises.
  3. Employee Time Tracking – Each employee needs to mark their attendance via this application, thereby saving time for HR to do the needful.

While handling business operations, it is better to be certain about technologies as they can potentially make your work as easy as possible. Therefore, make sure you select an automation app that works for you in all spheres of your business. With the aid of HRMS App, you can ascertain whether any of your employees is in a demand for training which may help improving their abilities. It’s best to let your employees contribute in different areas that can increase the efficiency of the whole organization. When it has to do with managing employees’ profiles, you need to protect them. Every employee of your company should take a note of the goals of your company, so that they can work toward them effectively.

PROANTO is an intuitive, user friendly application that facilitates recording and processing of all the HR processes such as payroll, employee tracking, attendance, report generation etc. The automated system will provide the notifications concerning the various actions of HR, overlooked tasks, non-approvals and many other things. Furthermore, it’s obvious that it is much more cost-effective in addition to its fully customizable platform. For newbies in automation, it must be stated that, HR management system can enable businesses to automate lots of the tasks involved with human resource administration. A workflow automation must be put into place to make the procedure for recruitment simpler and simpler. Many businesses have started to realize the advantages of implementing HR Management Systems. Nonetheless, the management must check it isn’t that bad as to pose a significant risk. Such time management stipulates several chances to learn more and become involved in more tasks. Reducing errors is one of the of the biggest benefits of working with the appropriate human resource management system as it makes it possible for you to keep a check on your tasks as being careless can hamper the general productivity of your business.

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