India’s Best Sales CRM Tool – Improve Your Sales Performance


What can be better than a smart sales management tool? PROANTO Mobile CRM captures your sales information as it has a feature of taking orders and generating an invoice in just a few taps. The dynamic store list updates the field force on the latest promotions that are run in and around the nearby locations. Inbuilt analytics feature helps you with the real-time data and makes your decision making an easy task.

With PROANTO - the best sales force automation software, field executives can schedule meetings using the algorithm feature that shows the map to reach outlets via the fastest routes. Upon reaching, they can capture shelf life conditions & generate custom reports.


Here are some problems which your organization might face without Sales Automation–

  • An increased ratio between Time & Sales – The ratio between the time spent and the sales generated has always been an issue for the manager since time immemorial. It is difficult to track the efficiency of the sales professional based on time spent per sales meeting.
  • Increased Visibility of Field Sales Effort – To check and see the efforts put by the field sales person has always been a challenge for the managers sitting back in the office.
  • No Route Planning – It is a difficult task to plan and design the route which needs to be taken by the sales person to take/give the order.
  • Efficient Collaborating with the Team – There has been always a problem with the team efficiency.
  • Transparency in the expense reimbursement process – There is no transparency between the employees and management regarding the reimbursement process.
  • Linking field sales with the inventory management – There has always been a disturbance between how to link the sales force automation and the inventory being kept in the store/backend.


For the end user –

  • Store List is Accessible – The dynamic store list is accessible to the sales person on the location based services.
  • Travel Expense Management – Automated field travel reimbursement, which is based on real-time mileage policy.
  • Past Order Log History – It displays the history of the orders taken and orders completed to the sales person using the application.
  • Chat Based Location System– When the user turns on this feature, all the nearby contact will appear for the chat.
  • Creation of Leader Boards – A task sheet is available where the sales person can fill up his details regarding sales meeting that is completed, the ones that are delayed, or not attended.
  • Auto Sync of Meeting & Tasks with Premium Enterprise Systems – This feature helps both the senior and the sales person to schedule meetings and later review the meeting conducted. Therefore, PROANTO is a great sales automation App.

For the Management –

For the Management –

  • Real-time visibility of the entire inventory management system – The manager can see where exactly the sales person on the particular time.
  • Invoice processing  As soon as the sales person takes the order, the invoice is sent right away to the store owner to cross-check the details.

This module helps in the marketing and merchandizing of activities and it also helps the user to run any kind of field and custom surveys.