With the advent of new technologies, customers want to track when you will be there onsite and in which activities you are currently engaged so that they can measure your service efficiency. Field service automation helps you to maintain transparency in between you and the customer. Starting from the initial quotation to assigning the project to payment procedure, everybody remains on the same page. Your workforce can access the necessary details of the customer, such as relationship data, equipment and service history. From the back office, one can find the arrival and departure time of the field workforce

New work can be assigned on the go and schedule can be checked at one’s own convenience. When time slots change or a new work is assigned, you will be notified. Let’s take a look at the service challenges and the solutions that we provided:


Some of the problems faced in services department by an organization are:

  • To get the shortest time possible to handle a query – Every organization’s service department faces the problem situation that when a query knocks at the door, how long does it take to solve that issue.
  • Lower Service Calls – One major problem is to get the lower service calls to satisfy the customer.
  • To get the Feedback – One of the main pains for the services department is to get the feedback (both absolute and relative) from the store owner. Service automation makes it possible.
  • Service Level Productivity – One of the major problems which the services department faces are to find ways to get to know the level of productivity achieved by the sales person.
  • Transparency in expense reimbursement process – There is no transparency between the employees and management regarding the reimbursement process which is considered to be one of the major issues in the companies. In short, there is no visual merchandising software.
  • To extract reports according to the region, timelines in one system – One of the difficulties faced by the service department is to obtain the different reports of different regions and timelines.


For the end user, it is a great field service automation system–

  • Quick revert on the query – The number of calls is to be attended according to the skill sets possessed by the users.
  • Lower Service Calls – Service calls will get automatically assigned based on the location and load factor due to this CRM Mobile App.
  • Service Level Productivity – Check-in & Check out features to start and end a call along with all call notes using service automation.
  • To get the Feedback – This characteristic permits you to make customised feedback forms according to the need of the store owner.
  • Travel Expense Management – Field service automation allows travel reimbursement which is based on real-time mileage policy.

For the Management –

  • To extract reports according to the location– End-user reports can be created that include all the calls attended in daily, weekly, monthly format. Also, reports of advanced analytics (region wise, types of calls/queries) are produced and handled easily using service automation.
  • To get the Feedback – Management can retrieve an objective or subjective feedback on the quality of service calls using this real-time database management system.