The solutions that we provide for different industry verticals depicts the dynamic store list which is on an app based and web-based CRM system and it also offers the auto sync of meetings and tasks with premium enterprise systems.
Sales being an imperative part of any organization, it might attract a myriad of cost related glitches, which needs attention for the growth of your company, business or organization. It provides inventory management for small business.

PROANTO’s Inventory Management System:
Accessible for Android phones, can run as a stock control administration application that rundowns things, sort them into different divisions and aligns in assigned areas. Stock Control enables clients to effectively deal with their stock level and esteem.

Key Features:

  • Easily manageable “My Places”
  • In-built search tools
  • Separate item groups can be created
  • Stock decrement alert
  • Import/send out information to CSV for use on PC or Android
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