Let us look at some of the problems which are faced by the whole of the sales industry, and how PROANTO can radically help you to deal with them in an optimized manner.

Some of the challenges faced by the sales manager/supervisor/team leader are:

  • Reduced number of sales visits on a daily basis
  • Lack of proper reporting by the team/staff
  • High maintenance and conveyance costs
  • Difficulties in the integration of members in the sales team
  • Time management and data analysis
  • Anomalies in the sales related order forms

Some of the challenges faced by the field staffs are:

  • Exact location of the client/store is not known, it becomes difficult to reach the destination
  • Lack of proper acknowledgment by the supervisors for the consistent on the field efforts
  • Clearance delays in terms of conveyance and other bills


  • Geofence
  • Mileage Calculator
  • ‘My Places’ Section
  • Automated Report Creation
  • Data Entry Forms
  • Text Memo Facility
  • Automatic Booking Form Generation
  • Seamless Bill Generation
  • Optimized Navigation

Now this is where PROANTO enters in to the scene. It helps you to deal with all such challenges on a daily basis by optimizing your organization’s performance and yielding more profitable results. Below are the reasons for why you should integrate PROANTO to reap the benefits of an improved sales performance.
  • Anomalies and inconsistencies in the work force are inevitable. Now PROANTO aids organizations in highlighting the visit pattern inefficiencies which leads to higher average client visits on a daily basis.
  • The Entry – Exit section of the Geo Fence creates periodical Places Visited Reports which helps to keep the tabs on the performances standards of all the employees making sure that no ounce of effort goes unnoticed. Hence, consistent on field efforts will definitely lead to acknowledgment and appraisals.
  • Supervisors, managers, and team leaders can regularly keep themselves updated with the Text memos uploaded and generated by the sales team. These memos can also be used to keep the ‘Minutes of Meeting’, team follow up, and order closure.
  • PROANTO is also used for accurate navigation. Hence, reaching the client destination can never be an issue. The client locations can be saved in the ‘My Places’ section which will help in time and manpower savings, as the location of regular clients doesn’t need to be added again and again. Also, the actual location of the client relative to the sales personnel’s current location is instantaneously displayed on the application.

Just like the e-commerce industry, FMCG is on a forward surge and it is only growing bigger and stronger by every minute. When the business starts facing fierce competition, they tend to leave no stone unturned when it comes to improve their customers’ satisfaction. This is where PROANTO enters.

The following study lists the numerous challenges faced by the supervisors incorporated in an FMCG industry and the field staff, and how PROANTO can empower such industries to tackle them efficiently on a daily basis.

Some of the challenges faced by the Supervisor/Team Lead are:

  • Reduction in the frequency of sales visit on a daily basis
  • Issues related to conveyance charges
  • Dynamic allocation of orders with respect to zones where product availability is not optimum.
  • Lack of proper method to find out the reason behind the loopholes like damaged or spoiled products.
  • Manual booking of orders cause implementation delays.

Some of the challenges faced by the field staff are:

  • Lack of work delegation from the management
  • Lack of centralized database which is in charge of complete administration
  • No dynamic method for updating the management during emergencies
  • Navigation issues regarding client location


  • Data Entry Forms
  • My Places
  • Image Memo
  • Mileage Calculator
  • User Management for Multiple Supervisors
  • Field User Grouping

Ways by which PROANTO can help in empowering FMCG industries are:
  • All location and navigation issues are mitigated with the help of the ‘My places’ section, where all the retailers, distributors, and sales dealers can be effectively added on the map by the designated personnel. This not only acts as a credible location reference ensuring constant reach, but also notifies critical areas where the product might no longer be in stock. Hence, it also gives an indirect boost to sales and profits.
  • The Entry – Exit section of the Geo Fence creates periodical Places Visited Reports which helps to keep the tabs on the performances standards of all the employees making sure that no ounce of effort goes unnoticed. Hence, consistent on field efforts will definitely lead to acknowledgment and appraisals.
  • By replacing paper based forms, Track Smart fastens the entire regime and makes sure that dynamic updated data instantaneously reaches the entire hierarchy simultaneously. Digitized forms, transaction proofs, pricing changes, product info changes, credit limit, and much more can be accessed via the web portal and the App on a per second basis.
  • Geo tagged images serve as credible transaction proofs and can be instantly uploaded to the web to increase the mobility.
  • Image memos assist in a lot of situations like when a product is damaged, advertising proofs, invoices, etc.
  • Distance travelled is automatically captured by Track Smart with the help of GPS logs – hence conveyance bills are accurate.

From past one decade we have seen the immense rise in the e-commerce industry, as the markets have been booming with profits and numbers and cash in-flow and many other things. Now, logistics is a highly integral part of all such industries.

Through the following study, we will list the number of challenges faced by the various supervisors, managers, team leads, field staff and how PROANTO can effectively empower such organizations from the logistics point of view.

Some of the challenges faced by the supervisor/team lead are:

  • Regular complaints from clients facing massive time delays in order deliveries
  • Database management issues
  • Manual reporting of orders taken, delivered, and cancelled
  • Rash driving from the delivery personnel in turn compromising the safety of the products
  • Vehicle tracking device proving to be too expensive
  • Missing proof of deliveries as they are paper based and unreliable

Some of the challenges faced by the field staff are:

  • Lack of appraisals, incentives and acknowledgment from the management
  • Lack of strict measures towards faulty drivers and delivery personnel
  • Driver / delivery staff might not be in a position to contact the buyer or the management in case of duress / emergency
  • Drivers get constantly distracted while making client visits as they have to stay updated with the exact delivery address on phone. This drastically increases accident risks.
  • All invoices are paper based – hence lack of acceptance by the customer


  • GPS Tracking
  • Alert Configurator with Over Speeding and Low Battery Alert
  • Image Memo
  • Reply of Movement on Map

All these problems can be dealt with PROANTO. It has a wide-range of characteristics in its product line, which possess the ability to positively transform the logistics domain of all such industries. Here’s how:
  • PROANTO mitigates the need to heavily invest in vehicle tracking devices and strategies by optimizing all vehicles with GPS technology. This serves better than a dedicated GPS device as the latter is prone to tampering and damage and requires a high degree of servicing and maintenance. So, one can induce massive cost savings with the help of PROANTO.
  • All the drivers and the deliver personnel can be presented with an Android powered mobile phone which will serve dual purposes – Calling and Tracking. But while driving, the supervisor or the team lead need not call the designated personnel, as he can simply log in to the web portal and update himself with real time vehicle movement information [accurate to over 10 metres]. Furthermore, mobile devices are superior to dedicated vehicle tracking devices in terms of their cost, reliability, and effectiveness.
  • Due to constant monitoring, the logistic organizations can both reward and penalize their personnel in a more effective manner based on their performance.
  • When it comes to the delivery of goods, once the PoD [Proof of Delivery] document is signed, the respective delivery personnel can simply click a geo tagged image which will instantaneously get uploaded to the central web portal server. This will not only serve as actual evidence but it will also allow the company to pitch for payment release immediately.

Unified operation is a foregone conclusion for Banks and ATMs, as both these industries are directly linked with money and money transactions. In such businesses, even a second of downtime can result in huge losses. And so, the integration of PROANTO will offer a wide range of functionalities for making the business work flow a whole lot smoother.

Some of the challenges are:

  • Manual allotment of security guards near the Bank – ATM premises
  • Expensive back end operations like server maintenance, database management
  • Report formations are done manually, hence human errors might halt proceedings
  • ATM service and repair delays lead to a massive business loss for banks
  • Server down times, failures and other inefficiencies
  • ATM engineers and service personnel lack the proper amount of knowledge and technical know-how

Some of the challenges faced by field staffs are:

  • Improper database management
  • No central operation which automatically updates the change of duties, assigned areas, shift timings, etc.
  • Conveyance and other bill clearance issues
  • Lack of instantaneous status updates via phone
  • Paper work formalities result in time delays and performance lags due to human errors


  • Data Entry Form with Image Proof
  • Geo Fencing and Places Visited Report
  • Comprehensive Reports

Since, Banks & ATMs are money driven, there are absolutely no margins for error when it comes to operation and maintenance. This is how PROANTO ensures that the customers get the best banking [ATM] experience:
  • PROANTO incorporates an automated work regime through the entire operational flow replacing the obsolete manual procedures in turn improving the efficiency of the staff and optimizing the transaction processing speeds drastically.
  • It enables Banks and ATM servicing companies to automatically generate ATM Service Reports. This mitigates any service related loopholes and notifies the bank regarding any machine failures.
  • Moreover, banks can also stay constantly updated with the real time status of the ATMs with respect to their work status. Example: If a particular ATM isn’t working, the banks would want such information instantaneously as every second of down time negatively affects the business.
  • Paper based forms can be transformed into their more reliable digital counterparts, which reduce the work load at the bank end and increase the business throughput.