Why Does your Marketing Team Needs Proanto?

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of any organization which helps it build a certain image in the mind of the potential service users/ customers and if done right, can change the course of the company. However, there are certain aspects which need to be taken good care of if one expects the marketing team to do well. These are the aspects that can be sorted out by using Proanto – a field force automation portal which works wonders both on the web and mobile channels.


How? Let us tell you in detail:

Proanto is cost effective

Yes, you heard that right. Proanto makes all the marketing activities more cost effective as you can run any kind of customized field surveys for engagement and promotion of the product without spending any extra amount. Proanto is completely digitized which cuts down costs to a huge amount.

Proanto is very convenient to use

Unlike the regular forms of marketing, Proanto brings everything to an automized platform where the sales personnel can carry the catalogs and relevant documents with them wherever they go. It cuts down efforts and the amount of bulk they need to carry with them. Not only this, it also helps the sales personnel to stay updated with the latest changes in the catalog without worrying about changing the current stock.

Proanto helps the HR department to take care of daily activities

Not just the HR Department, but also the marketing force gets a huge support from Proanto where they can register their daily activities, see logs and file reimbursements which make things a lot easier as compared to unautomated traditional methods.

Proanto is time effective

With Proanto at their disposal, marketing personnel does not have to waste their time in locating the stores. Store Activation is used on location based services. It gives the approximate location of the store, enabling the person to reach the store without any delays.

 So what are you waiting for? Proanto is the next gen platform that the biggest organizations are relying on right now. With Proanto, you can also step into the future and discover the benefits that you thought could only exist in a science fiction. The time is now because Proanto is here to stay.

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